Lockable Vehicle Storage Box – Keeping Your Tools Safe.

Installing a lockable vehicle storage box is equally as important to ensuring your work vehicle is fitted to meet your professional needs. Loss or damage to your vehicle can be costly, therefore it is important to keep your vehicle and its contents safe and secure.

RolaCase has over 40 years of experience in the industry and is the most versatile tool organizer system in Australia! We are proud to be designing mostly innovative designs with three key elements in mind; Safety, Quality and Durability.

Implementing simple, practical security measures into your commercial vehicle will save you money and time for your business.

RolaCase can offer you a range of heavy duty and lockable vehicle storage box solutions such as lockable box, metal drawer cabinet kits, Van and Ute drawers for canopy or service body, all professionally designed to fit your commercial vehicle and needs.

lockable vehicle storage box

At RolaCase, we have made it our mission to provide our customers with the best in storage solutions for commercial vehicles. That’s why we have developed a product range designed around your needs, so you can choose reliable and secure storage options for your mobile workspace.

RolaCase Lockable Vehicle Storage Boxes are a great way to keep your tools organised and protect your commercial vehicle. Perfect for storing small or large tools, gadgets and work accessories, our lockable storage box solutions ensure your valuables don’t get lost or damaged while travelling from job to job whilst on the road.

Advantages of a Reliable and Secure Storage System in Your Vehicle.

Adding a reliable measure of security to your vehicle is beneficial for your vehicle and business. For example, if you accidently leave external doors unlocked, you leave your vehicle exposed to potential break-ins and loss. Therefore, having a reliable and secure storage system can save you money and time.

RolaCase Van Storage System and Lockable Vehicle Storage Box solutions can provide the following advantages:

  • Higher Cost Efficiency – Our Lockable and Metal Draw option gives you the durable solution which is longer lasting and with an industry-leading lifetime warranty.
  • Improves storage capacity of your van – having your tools stowed away gives you extra space in your van for larger equipment.
  • Improves the ease of access and ability to organise your tools – increasing your productivity
  • Provides security – All of our metal drawers are lockable, with an easy twist unlock solution for your convenience.
  • Convenient and customisable Van shelving – our RolaCase products come in many different configurations and can be suited to your needs or trade.

RolaCase Key Design Features

Our Lockable Vehicle Storage Box and Metal Drawer Kits come in various size and can be configured into any Rolacase Van or Ute shelving system. Giving you plenty of options to choose from to suit your needs best!

These products are designed to seamlessly integrate your vehicle space and provide a valuable storage area for all your tools and equipment.

RolaCase products are made from high quality materials and are all manufactured in Australia. Lockable Vehicle Storage Box and Metal Drawer key features include:

  • Multipurpose storage cabinet with optional lockable system
  • Galvanized Steel and powder coating for a durable finish.
  • Compatible with various vehicle models such as Low, Medium and High Roof commercial vehicles.
  • Adaptable mounting to Rolacase shelving products and kits. Perfect for any mobile workshop.
  • Grows with your needs – add on a shelf as you need it

Available in various dimensions to suit a range of vehicle models. So whether you’re running a long, short or compact vanlow roof, mid roof or high-roof van, or a service body/canopy we’ve got the van storage system solution for you.

Lockable box

  • 4 series – W: 400mm x L: 420mm x H: 839mm (vertical mounting in 4 series frame)
  • 8 series  – W: 400mm x L: 250mm x H: 839mm
  • 12 series – W:400mm x L: 1259mm x H: 420mm

Metal Drawer Kits

  • 4 series – W: 419mm (Height various depending on amount of draws)
  • 6 series – W: 600mm
  • 8 series –  W: 839mm
  • 10 series – W: 1010 mm
  • 12 series – W: 1259 mmm

RolaCase products are Australian made, engineer tested and manufactured in Australia, since 1982. We are continuously innovating new ideas or upgrading our existing products to ensure we are providing our customers with the highest quality products, user-friendly and suitability. 

We recently developed new and improved ergonomic handle on all our lockable and metal draw kits as well as improved mechanical operation, and you now have the option to have lock or no lock and also custom key (one key can open one individual lock/ one key can open multiple locks).

Mercedes Sprinter

Van and Ute Drawers That You Can Trust

RolaCase Van and Ute drawers are an accessible and convenient way to maximise your cargo space and store tools and equipment. Specially designed for large truck bodies, commercial vehicles, and canopy use. RolaCase Van and Ute drawers are tough enough to withstand the rough conditions of work vehicles but remain easy to clean.  Available in a range of sizes, our vehicle drawers are also compatible with the RolaCase shelving units and can be used together to create a larger storage area. 

RolaCase Van and Ute drawers are versatile and perfect to use in conjunction with raised flooring, making the most of your vehicle’s cargo space. By adding a drawer unit, you can easily increase your available storage area, and the depth of our drawers allows you to store a variety of miscellaneous items, tools or equipment. 

Discover The Benefits For Your Van Today

RolaCase are proud to provide an ultimate tool and component storage solution. Providing Long-lasting and hard-wearing solution for your business, saving you money over time.

Choose the very best in lockable storage solutions with RolaCase today. The perfect addition to any mobile workspace, discover easy unloading and revolutionised organisation with a quality, trustworthy storage box or hard wearing cabinet.

Lockable Vehicle Storage Box - Keeping Your Tools Safe. - lockable vehicle storage box

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