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RolaCase has been around since the 1980s. Our founder is an electrician and knows the daily struggle, the tasks that tradesmen undertake, so we have an inside track on what you like the most when it comes to canopy shelving.

Considering a canopy shelving package with RolaCase, will relieve the daily stresses on the organization making you more cost-efficient, and let’s face it – it looks good!

Installing a shelving system in your canopy is a great way to start planning your canopy shelving fit-out. Getting those tools put away, helps you leave a safe and tidy mobile storage locker inside of your canopy. Being able to find and access your tools in an organized manner is a great time saver! This gives you more time on the job at hand, leaving your sole focus on that, knowing that your tools are all in order.

From open shelving to cabinet kits, metal drawer systems to storage bins – RolaCase has the right canopy shelving system for you!

What’s more, choosing a ute over a van brings more versatility! With the mix of family and business, Ute’s and canopy setups are ideal for the family lifestyle. Making it so much more than a work Ute, you can enjoy the benefits on the weekend of storage for family activities, not just the tools!

Canopy Shelving at RolaCase - canopy shelving
Electrical Canopy Package

5 Key Benefits of RolaCase Canopy Shelving

  1. Organization – with the canopy shelving, they are small but mighty. In the sense that you can have a massive amount of functionality in a small area. From canopy storage units to cabinet kits and frame kits, you can have your tools stacked in one place, with the ability to take them on sight and move around. For extra capacity, shelving can be added to store larger items.
  2. Canopy Storage Capabilities – Tying in with the organization, the storage in most canopy types is surprisingly roomy. Leaving you space for combining that work-to-home lifestyle on the weekend. Extra room for shopping and toys for the kids, gives you peace of mind that you don’t have to rearrange everything.
  3. Flexibility in Product Arrangement – Due to the CAD drawing process, we can amend and make changes from standard canopy shelving packages to suit your requirements whilst still using RolaCase products. If you have ideas, send us some and we can see if can accommodate you!
  4. Durability- When it comes to product quality, we are the best in the business concerning robustness and durability when it comes to our canopy shelving or any other product. Australian-made and crafted from start to finish – our products are built to last.
  5. Customer Service- Dedicated to you is our promise. Customer service is at the center of RolaCase’s core values. We are not going to provide you with something that is not useful to you. With a wealth of knowledge in the tool organization business, this is where we at RolaCase, stand out amongst the rest in the marketplace.
Canopy Shelving at RolaCase - canopy shelving
Deluxe Canopy Package

Why Choose Us?

When it comes to canopy shelving we know our stuff. Having been in the marketplace for over 40 years now, we at RolaCase have learned a lot on the way. From new product innovation, and upgrading our existing van and canopy shelving products to make them more user-friendly, we always have the customer’s wants and needs in mind.

Our experienced engineers can even make suggestions of particular layouts when it comes to your canopy shelving, we know what works for you and are always open to new suggestions. The ability to customize and move things around within the specifications is also a possibility – so we work with you to get you the best fit-out possible!

Canopy Shelving at RolaCase - canopy shelving
Metal Drawer Canopy Package

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