Easy to Install RolaCase Cabinet Kits – Organise your van with us!

Do you ever find yourself walking back and forwards from your van or getting frustrated because you can’t find any of your tools? We believe you’re struggling from a classic disorganized van and you are likely in need of a Cabinet kit storage solution tailored to you and what you carry.

The notion of the RolaCase was first created by an electrician trying to figure out how he could be more organised with his cases and van shelving. When you lack a proper storage solution, you won’t really have a ‘home’ for all your valuable tools. This can cause your tools to be misplaced and mostly hurt your business efficiency.  RolaCase being founded by an electrician, we understand the value and importance of keeping your equipment organised, safe and secure.

Fortunately, RolaCase have provided a perfect solution for organising any van or canopy, with our main focus and goal to help both large and small businesses alike to become more functional and efficient. With a versatile and large product range, one popular product in our range is our RolaCase Cabinet kits – and they can be easily installed by you.

cabinet kit

RolaCase Cabinet Kits

A good Cabinet kit makes working in your van or canopy a dream. It allows everything to have its place and it’s all organized to be efficient.

Get the benefits

  • Be organised –  Never lose your tools again by keeping each item in a designated area
  • Become more cost-efficient – speed up your production which will allow you to focus on making more money for your business.
  • Reduce stress – Knowing where everything is gives you peace of mind.
  • Ideal for vehicle or static use – Useful in van shelving, canopy or a workshop setting
  • Easy DIY installation – we provide instructions and they are preassembled!

Why choose to purchase a RolaCase Cabinet kit?

Our Cabinet Kits are engineer designed, tested and manufactured in Australia. All of our cabinet products are designed around three key elements, safety, quality and durability. Our products are also designed to be easily installed at home for your convenience and the best feature about Cabinet kits is that they can grow with your needs.

What you need to know…

  • Can be fitted in Van or Canopy’s
  • Can be installed within a shelving framework or easily bolted to the floor without framework.
  • Option to install either facing inwards or outwards (depending on vehicle model)
  • Kits can be joined vertically and/or horizontally to create nearly any modular configuration
  • Corrosion proof
  • Various configurations
  • Sturdy locking clips
  • Can be purchased as an empty cabinet – this is great option to save money if you already have existing RolaCase at home.
  • Can be mixed and matched with large and small cases Kits can be fitted with a lockable door for added security and a shelf, to gain maximum space. Note; Doors can be joined to the left or right of the cabinet.
  • Comes preassembled for your convenience!

*kits are compatible with the 4 series shelving and 8 series shelving

Is your business growing and you need to add an extra drawer? Or perhaps you want to add more of a shelving system for more storage space?

All our van Cabinet kits are compatible with almost everything else we offer, giving you full customization capabilities when it comes to your vehicle.

cabinet kit

DIY installation for your convenience!

All of our RolaCase products are DIY (do it yourself) and Cabinet kits come already preassembled with installation manual, then packaged and delivered to your door. We ship Australia wide!

Cabinets can be ideally secured to the inside of selected vehicles, truck bodies, ships and even inside your workshop. Each Cabinet kit can come with plinth feet for securing to most flat surfaces and dome head screws.

Looking for an alternative option?

RolaCase Frame kits

The Frame kit will give you the same dimensions with a mini worktop bench on top. Still portable and very functional. Frame kits hold a special place in the RolaCase Company as they are one of the first original products we created. We have now improved our Frame kits with zero rattling. They provide the same functionality as the Cabinet kits and a few similar benefits, however, they have an extra feature of having a worktop bench on top. Electricians love this option as you may find further capability depending on the nature of work.

Cabinet kit

The perfect workshop companion

Trolley Cabinet Kits

Our trolleys are designed to be the perfect on the go companion for any tradesman or handyman looking to keep their tools organised in their workshop. Trolley Cabinet kits are designed for busy individuals wanting to carry more with them around the workplace with no fuss. Our trolleys have also the added benefit of being able to take the whole cabinet or grab the individual cases that you need. A shelf can also be added to maximise space and suit your workshop needs. Same as all of our Cabinet Kit products, trolleys can grow with your needs and can be used in conjunction with the RolaShelf shelving system.

Looking for more of a durable option for on the go? We also provide metal drawer trolley kits. Metal trolley kits are designed to be extremely durable storage solution and built to ensure the highest quality product and include a lockable option for extra security. 

cabinet kit

Check out our No.1 robust choice in Australia!

Metal drawer Kits

RolaCase are proud to provide an ultimate tool and component storage solution. Providing Long-lasting and hard-wearing solution for your business, saving you money over time. RolaCase Metal drawer kits fit into any series from a 4 series to 12 series to suit any budget or need. Also the beauty about Metal drawer kit is that it can be secured and locked in your van, giving you peace of mind that when you are on the working on-site, your tools are locked up and out of view.

Read more about our metal drawer here:

cabinet kit


RolaCase Cabinet Kits are our most popular products. Whatever your needs are, RolaCase has a configuration to suit any tradesman and budget. Plus they can be easily installed by yourself as our Cabinet Kits come ready to go, no construction required!

Easy to Install RolaCase Cabinet Kits - Organise your van with us! - cabinet kit



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