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Sydney Van Flooring Specialists

For professionals in all manner of trades and commercial services, your vehicle’s floor can take a beating over time with the loading, storage and unloading of cargo. RolaCase makes it easy to fit out your vehicle for maximum protection, efficiency and aesthetic with high-quality, made-to-measure ply van cargo flooring for Melbourne, Canberra and worldwide.

We can work with vehicles of almost any make and model, using our advanced CNC router machine to precisely cut 5mm big rib rubber or ply van flooring to your exact specifications.

RolaCase has the expertise to offer a range of solutions for tradies, so shop our selection of vented gas cabinets, heavy duty shelving and ply van flooring for Canberra, Melbourne and professionals around the world.

Everything is manufactured within Australia, so you can choose us with full confidence that we offer durable solutions of genuinely high quality. As the leaders in ply van flooring across Sydney, professionals rely on us for their commercial vehicle flooring needs.

Looking for Rubber Cargo Flooring? Look no Further

RolaCase is the go-to manufacturer of rubber cargo flooring in Canberra, Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle and elsewhere throughout Australia and overseas. Our van flooring for utes and vans is:
  •        Computer cut for the specific vehicle model
  •        Sold throughout many dealerships in Australia
  •        Waterproof
  •        Heat, oil and UV resistant
  •        Easy to clean and maintain
  •        Anti-slip
  •        Impact and sound resistant

The benefit of choosing RolaCase goes beyond the quality of the product itself: we have developed an intelligent system of delivery that ensures your new ply van cargo flooring can be fitted to your vehicle no matter where you are. Whether you need it done at your business, at the factory or straight out of the dealership, let us know and we’ll ensure a solution is delivered to the right place at the right time.

Let us take the stress off your shoulders and deliver durable ply van flooring to you in Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra or wherever else you may be.

Order Commercial Vehicle Flooring Online or Get in Touch

Browse our catalogue for the product you need and enjoy the convenience of ordering online with free shipping on our Sydney and Central Coast van flooring for orders over $250, no matter where you are in Australia. If you can’t find what you need, want to enquire about a fleet solution or just have a question about a product, get in touch by calling 1300 650 719 or leave your details in our contact form.

Get your rubber cargo flooring or ply van flooring from RolaCase and find out why we are an industry leader in rubber cargo flooring in Melbourne, Australia and across the world.
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