Metal Drawer Kits – No.1 Robust Choice in Australia!

The RolaCase Metal Drawer kit is a secure and durable solution for your organization’s needs.

These metal drawer kits are Australian-made, manufactured, and designed by us at RolaCase!

The beauty of this kit option is that it can be secured and locked in your van or canopy; anywhere, anytime.

RolaCase is the official choice for your tool organization kits. From standalone metal drawer cabinet kit setups to our more unique designs. With the 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12 series to choose from, there’s a kit to suit any tradesman and budget.

Providing a longer-lasting and hard-wearing solution for your business, saving you money over time. RolaCase is always trying to design products that will be more cost-effective over time. Giving you more efficient ways of working, as you can be more organized.

Metal Drawer Kits - No.1 Robust Choice in Australia! - metal drawer kits

Take a look at these 3 Key Advantages below;

  1. Higher Cost Efficiency – The metal drawer option gives you a durable solution that is longer lasting and with no need for replacement.
  2. Secure – All of our metal drawers are lockable, with an easy twist unlock solution for your convenience. You can rest assured that your tools and equipment will be safe in one place. What’s more the secure locking system and sturdy frame make it rattle-free. No more noise in the back of your van.
  3. Environmentally Friendly – The production process of our metal drawers involves carefully rolled out steel to form the cabinetry, with minimal surface spraying. It avoids the pollution problem from the beginning to the end. It can be said to be very environmentally friendly. It will not be used like other materials for long-term use.

All tradies love this option!

Key Specifications:

These RolaCase Metal Drawer Kits fit into any of the series kits from a 4 series to 12 series – to suit any budget or need! The lockable metal drawers stay firmly in place as you travel, rattle-free. To go from site to site with ease! Our metal drawer kits come with RCPLH. These are known as plinth fleet. This allows for easy and secure anchoring inside your vehicle. As all the metal drawer kits are lockable, it gives you peace of mind that when you are on working on-site, your tools are locked up and out of view.

  • Joined Horizontally or Vertically
  • Grows with your needs – add on a shelf as you need it
  • Compatible with all Rolacase/Rolashelf products
  • Reliable drawer slides with durable tracks
  • Smooth operation; click in to lock.

Gain full customization of your van drawer kits. Our metal drawer kits start’s from as small as one or two drawers. With virtually limitless possibilities for expansion with respect to the size of your vehicle. This is because all RolaCase products are designed and built with the goal of growing with your needs.

Do you need to add an extra drawer as your supplies increase? Want to add some shelving above, underneath, or to the side for more storage space?

All our van metal drawer kits are compatible with almost everything else we offer, giving you full customization capabilities when it comes to your vehicle. From a single cabinet to a full interior storage solution, we offer maximum flexibility with no sacrifice on quality. 

Metal Drawer Kits - No.1 Robust Choice in Australia! - metal drawer kits

Industries that can benefit from our Metal Drawer Kits

You may just think that we can provide van storage solutions to tradesmen. However, there are a lot of customers that we service outside of our industry.

Aerospace and Aviation

Keeping track of inventory parts is a key factor in the day-to-day of this industry. Tool shops and customer order needs to be organized. Our heavy-duty metal drawer kits provide the perfect solution for this. Did you know our metal drawers can also be mobile? We provide trolley kits which can provide that extra functionality, you need.

Government Agencies

Private sectors require specialized storage requirements. Multiple storage requirements, the strict organization is required. Streamlining processes are what government departments love – we can provide that. With the metal drawers, with the different cabinet configurations. From smaller module drawers to larger ones – we can do any organization metal drawer kit that you need.

Medical Entities

Metal drawer kits are perfect for medical professionals. Because of the lockable component, it provides security for medical goods. Combined with the RP428 (bin dividers) the metal drawers can be organized systemically. The heavy-duty component provides solid protection.


Metal drawers are a great option to speed-up production. If you are looking for a secure and organized way to store your equipment – RolaCase has a configuration to suit you. Whether is mobile, in your van, or at a workshop – we have the answer!



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