Our Awesome Van Shelving Kits

Rolacase famously known for the tool organizer case has surprising capabilities when it comes to van
shelving kits. The van shelving kits at Rolacase have come leaps and bounds with innovations in
technology and the increasing need for tool organization for tradesmen. This has been with us
always ensuring that we are never sacrificing Australian-made quality when it comes to our products.

We are never afraid to try something new or offer customized service when it comes to our van shelving kits We offer a great install service at our head office, or we can offer this with several
our installation partners across Australia.

Just drop your keys off for the day and come back with a more functional work van for your business!

The Rolacase Difference with our Van Shelving Kits

  1. Accessories to Suit your needs – we have many requests from the tradie to the camper. In terms of flooring, for example, plywood flooring is a popular choice to give your van a better look and provide more stability when it comes to your camper setup. Did you want to include a fridge for your vehicle? We can offer great pricing and discounts for these items. Browse van flooring now.
  2. Electrical & lighting – we now have experience in auto electrics! RolaCase had some great opportunities at the end of 2020 to branch out in our service capabilities. Now offering products in lighting and electrical for your van shelving kits.  We can offer a range of options in lighting and have done so in one of our latest fit outs, check this out below;
  3. Refrigeration- This has become quite popular for both vans and canopy setups – for campers and tradies alike. Set up your swag under the stars with a cold beverage – how good is that?
  4. Plumbing – We can offer tap solutions and sinks if you are going off-road and require it for work purposes. This is a great option for Utes or canopies. We are always looking to grow our range of options when it comes to plumbing, no request is too hard for us to look into. From hoses to manual pumps – if you need us to help source and install them – let us know and we can try to accommodate you as best as possible.

Our Assurance to You

When you come to us – we want you to feel like you are being looked after. Let us explain how our structure works here at RolaCase, so you have reassurance, if you are ordering a van shelving kit or a RolaCase, we will look after you.

Our Awesome Van Shelving Kits - van shelving kits

National Service Capabilities

RolaCase has nearly 40 years in the tool organization game. This has allowed us to have widespread capabilities in terms of our ability to have our products in superior condition, now Australia-wide and with install partners across nearly all states and territories.

Being in the industry this long gives us a great insight into our customers. This is where our point of difference lies. With an Electrician as the CEO – why wouldn’t we know what you like?

We are always striving to be better and give you the best Australian-made products we can offer. From a small RolaCase to a full fit-out; we will take care to ensure complete satisfaction when you receive your order.

Check out this latest fit-out configuration here;

Customer Service at RolaCase

Product superiority and quality customer relationship management are our promises to you. We pride ourselves here at Rolacase on giving you the best engineering and customer service team.

The customer journey starts with us showcasing the products we have. We like to give you the best assistance to design and fit you the greatest van shelving kit option for your vehicle. With a custom CAD drawing for each van shelving kit, we assure correct fitment with our processes in-house.

We never want to provide you with something that will not fit your specifications. Product quality and customer satisfaction will always be a priority here at RolaCase. What’s more, we are happy to accommodate our loyal customers who have been using our products for years, if a handle is broken or you need a replacement part, just reach out to us so we can get it sorted.

Technical Support at RolaCase

We have a technical support team on hand for all of our products. This can be found online or we have a support team house 5 days a week to answer your concerns. Talk to our van specialists or have a chat with our engineers to give you peace of mind with your orders.

Our Awesome Van Shelving Kits - van shelving kits

Contact us today for your next van shelving kit fit-out!



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