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Transform Your Space with Van Storage Bins

Our range of Australian made van storage bins at RolaCase are perfect for storing small tools and equipment that would otherwise get lost in transit. From power tools to more minuscule items, our RolaCase storage bins offer a simple storage solution that will protect your tools and ultimately save you money from frequently lost hardware.

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Van and canopy vehicles utilise storage bins to retain an organised and efficient workspace. When travelling from suburb to suburb, a coordinated interior fit-out will help create a process where tools are easily found in their designated storage bins or shelves. RolaCase storage bins can easily be used in unlimited ways and you can create customised layout designs and changes to your van’s storage without any structural changes.

When thinking about your vans’ organisational capabilities, RolaCase storage bins should be the first item on your list to include.
Discover High-Quality Van Storage Bins For all Equipment
RolaCase storage bins are designed with durable materials to keep your tools secure and organised, allowing you to store metals and other more robust materials.

With various designs available from multiple compartments and depths, our range of plastic storage bins offer fully customised storage to suit your individual needs. Made with hard plastic, our storage bins provide a lightweight solution for your van that won’t waste your vehicle’s precious weight limitations. All of our RolaCase storage bins fit perfectly with our RolaShelf shelving for accessible storage design.

RolaCase Storage bins available;

  • RP25 – 1 compartment, Small plastic bin
  • RP60 – 1 compartment, medium plastic bin
  • RP120 – Large plastic bin, with 2 adjustable compartments
  • RP240 – x-large plastic bin, 3 adjustable compartments
  • RP428 – medium plastic bin with 11 adjustable compartments
  • RP100 -small plastic bin, 3 adjustable compartments
  • RP200 – medium plastic bins, 3 adjustable compartments
  • RP400X100 – large plastic bins, 3 adjustable compartments
  • RP400X200 – Large plastic bin, 3 adjustable compartments

Additionally RolaCase can also provide various other van accessories to suit your needs and vehicle such as soap dispenser, water bottle holder, case holder, hooks, parts organiser, cabinet kits and much more.
For any further information on any of our products, please view our product range online or contact our customer service team.



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