Canopy Shelving Package 04

Canopy Shelving Package 04

Rolashelf Service body/Canopy shelving package for commercial vehicles

Full Bin Package Kit Components for 04

  • 1 x RSSFR/HD/80/1227
  • 1 x RSSHL/88
  • 4 x RP400x200
  • 1 x RC4DC
  • 4 x RC001/CL
  • 1 x RCKIT40/10
  • 2 x RSBAR/80
  • 1 x RCKIT60/5
  • 1 x RCC/TT/60

When ordering, please supply the dimensions of your canopy body.

Check out example installations of this canopy shelving kit.

Please ensure you have the following information so we can ensure fitment

  • The exact L x D x H of your canopy
  • The Height of the bottom lip for clearance
  • What type of Canopy do you have e.g, dual cab, single cab, extra cab.
  • Locking Mechanisms that may interfere with the internal dimensions of the canopy package.

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