RC3 & RC3D Empty Cabinet with Door

RC3 & RC3D Empty Cabinet with Door

Empty Cabinet & RC3D Door

Our RolaCase cabinets are not only useful for storing our RolaCases, they can also be used to store a variety of other items for on the job including tools, equipment and paperwork. There are shelves and doors available for all our cabinet kits as required (sold separately).

  • Ideal for vehicle or static use
  • Can be fixed to any vehicle, wall, bench or shelf
  • Can be fitted with a shelf to gain the most out of the storage area
  • Doors can be joined to the left or right of the cabinet
  • Grows with your needs
  • Joins vertically &/or horizontally

RolaCase cabinet kits include mobile workstations that allow the movement of tools and equipment in a workshop or service area, plus the cabinet system which are ideal for vehicle and static use. Cabinets are ideally secured to the inside of vehicles, truck bodies, ships and the workplace.

Weight: 8kgs

Dimensions: W: 419mm D: 475mm H: 325mm


Empty Cabinet: 9322796000820

Door: 9322796001261

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RC3 & RC3D Empty Cabinet with Door

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