RC4DC/3D Drawer Cabinet

RC4DC/3D Drawer Cabinet

3 Drawer Cabinet

Holds 2 x RC003 and 1 x RC001 series case.

  • Cabinets can be joined vertically and or horizontally
  • Cabinets can be fitted with a door for added security RC4D – door only
  • Grows with your needs
  • A shelf can be added for maximum space
  • Cabinet are compatible with the 4 and 8 series RolaShelf shelving
  • Each cabinet includes RCPLH for anchoring into the vehicle (4 pieces)

RolaCase cabinet kits include mobile workstations that allow the movement of tools and equipment in a workshop or service area, plus the cabinet system which are ideal for vehicle and static use. Cabinets are ideally secured to the inside of vehicles, truck bodies, ships and the workplace

Weight: 10.4kgs

Dimensions: W: 419mm D: 460mm H: 420mm

Barcode: 9322796000905

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