RCDK5/C Dual Cabinet Kit + Carry Cases

RCDK5/C Dual Cabinet Kit + Carry Cases

Dual Cabinet Kit with carry cases

Comes with 2 x RC5DC/4D Cabinets, 2 x RC001 (orange), 2 x RC002 (blue), 2 x RC003/QK (charcoal) and 2 x RC003 (orange) series cases.

RolaCase is a versatile storage system that holds a variety of items including tools, instruments, and equipment. RolaCase cabinet kits are designed for busy individuals, with no fuss, everything is right where you need it. Our RolaCase cabinet kits enable you to either work straight out of the cabinet or grab the case and take it where ever you need it. Our cabinets come ready to go, no construction is required.

  • Cabinets can be joined vertically and or horizontally
  • Cabinets can be fitted with a door for added security 2 x RC5D – door only
  • Grows with your needs
  • A shelf can be added for maximum space
  • Cabinets are compatible with the 8 series RolaShelf racking
  • Each cabinet includes RCPLH for anchoring into the vehicle (4 pieces)

Check out examples of the RolaCases cabinet kits in use

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RCDK5/C Dual Cabinet Kit + Carry Cases

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