Renault Master Flooring Trim Kit

Renault Master Flooring Trim Kit

Flooring Trim Kit

Quality powder-coated steel, custom-designed to each individual vehicle.

  • Prevents flooring from chipping or curling at the edges
  • Custom designed to each individual vehicle model and shape
  • Ensures the floor is flush with an appealing finish
  • Australian made and designed
  • Sold to dealerships Australia wide
  • 2-3 pieces depending on how many sliding doors your vehicle has
  • Designed to work in conjunction with the RolaShelf computer cut flooring

When ordering, please supply the year, make, and model of your vehicle as well as the number of sliding doors.

Check out examples of the Flooring in use

All powder coasted trim is custom cut with formed edge protection, giving your vehicle a professional finish. RolaShelf vehicle flooring is the ultimate way to protect and transform the interior of your van or ute, whilst improving the overall look of your vehicle.

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