RP400x200 - Extra Large Grey Plastic Bin

RP400x200 - Extra Large Grey Plastic Bin

3 Adjustable Compartments

Our plastic bins are a durable storage solution for a range of items, enabling you to know where everything is when you need it. Our bins fit perfectly on our RolaShelf shelving, with the benefit of either grabbing what you need out of the bin or taking the whole bin with you.

Ideal for the following shelves:

  • RSSHL/48
  • RSSHL/88
  • RSSHL/108
  • RSSHL/128
Rp400x200 180x181

RolaCase is a versatile storage system for the transfer and handling of components, tools and instruments. The choice of cases and accessories will allow for storage of the smallest micro components through to power tools and cordless equipment.

Dimensions: W:200mm D: 400mm H: 100mm

Barcode: 9322796001667

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