RSGAC-41.5x2 Vented Gas Cabinet

RSGAC-41.5x2 Vented Gas Cabinet

Vented Gas, Fuel, Oxy & Acetylene Storage Cabinets

General Purpose Cabinet: Fits Mapp Bottles & Fire Extinguishers

Our vented gas cabinets are a safe and secure solution for storing gas cabinets. No longer do you need to worry about your gas cabinets rolling around in your vehicle, our gas cabinets ensure gas bottles are fastened in place with a cam buckle strap. These gas cabinets come with the necessary equipment to ventilate the cabinet.

  • Rubber inserts
  • Adjustable securing straps
  • Door can swing left or right
  • Supplied with safety and warning signage
  • Fully sealed with exterior ventilation
  • Supplied with fittings for multiple uses
  • Independent floor mounting

*Fits RSPEP End panels & Rolashelf H/D frames

*Add on 25mm for plinth feet height

*Gas bottle not included

Check out examples of the Rolashelf Gas cabinets in use

RolaShelf gas bottle holder/ cabinets come in a variety of sizes from small LPG cylinders through to D and E size oxy/acetylene that comply with OH&S requirements. The durable & corrosion proof material prevents internal damage whilst allowing for easy removal and replacement. Cabinets are suitable for all trade vehicles and all industry applications.

Weight: 12kgs


External: W: 412mm D: 257mm H: 417mm

Internal: W: 408mm D: 225mm H: 370mm

Barcode: 9322796003203 x 2

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