The RolaCase – Where it all began!

RolaCase. The Most Versatile Tool Organizer system in Australia!

Conceptualized and patented back in 1982 in Sydney Australia to grow the van shelving range we have today. Now known as ‘RolaCase/Rolashelf’, we have a range of Australian Made and Manufactured products that center on tool organization. From intelligent mobile van shelving systems for almost all van models, cabinet kits, metal drawers, and van flooring!

With RolaCase being founded by an Electrician, it has given us direct insight into exactly what our tradies need to get them through their workday. We know that as a professional tradesman or builders, we know that it is important to keep your equipment organized, safe, and secure.

The RolaCase

If you didn’t know about it – you will now!

Read through the specifications and benefits of the Standard RolaCase below:

The Specifications of the Standard RolaCase (RC001)

With a removable handle, and 20 adjustable compartments – modify it to your needs.

  • Comes with 6 x RCPLD dividers
  • Corrosion proof
  • Portable – take it around on-site as required
  • The lid opens 180 degrees
  • Sturdy locking system
  • Divided goods will not interchange when shaken
  • The unique lid design keeps storage locked in place

The Rest of the RolaCase Range;

  1. RC001 – Charcoal – The Same configuration as the RC001 just in charcoal colour.
  2. RC002 – Blue Empty Case – this has one large tool compartment.
  3. RC003/QK – This a bigger case, that has a mini ‘Quik kit’ inside it. Set out as one large tool compartment, with a 3-compartment lift-out tray with further compartments below.
  4. RC003 – This has one large tool compartment – plus a 3-compartment lift-out tray with further compartments below. This is also available in Charcoal.
  5. QK001 – This is our ‘Mini’ RolaCase, also available in Blue.

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Accessories for Your RolaCases;

  • Extra Dividers (RCPLD/RC003/D) Fill your RolaCase with the minimum or maximum number of dividers that you need to suit you.
  • Mini Trays (RCTRY) – This is a small tray with 4 adjustable compartments. This only suits the RC001 series of cases. This includes a new clear micro-compartment storage unit and come in 2 per carton.
  • Joiner Sets – This can be vertical or horizontal. These come in handy with the cabinet or frame kits. Read on to find out more about combining your RolaCase into a kit configuration.

All of our RolaCases can have clear lids and with colour options from orange, blue, or charcoal.

The Benefits of the RolaCase;

  • The Organisation – organise your tools in one place.
  • Cost Efficient – the ability to organise gives you the peace of mind that you will be able to keep an eye on your current state of stock inventory.
  • Portable – take on-site as required, with an ergonomic handle and clasp lock, your goods will be secure.
  • As the goods are divided – they always remain separate- no more digging around to find that one screw you need – it now has its own section.
The RolaCase – Where it all began! - RolaCase

All tradies love these!

Have you got to the point where you have lots of RolaCases and want to increase the organization in your van? We have a number, of great solutions to suit you.

The RolaCase Cabinet Kit and Frame kit Range explained below:

The Cabinet and Frame Kits

Keep your equipment secure and organized. Become more cost-efficient with your inventory by keeping your stock in order!

  • Can be joined vertically and or horizontally – RCJNR’s mentioned above.
  • The Cabinet Kits grow with your needs – Shelves can be added for maximum space
  • Compatible with the 4 and 8 series Van Shelving – (learn more link)

If you are looking for an alternate option – the frame kit will give you the same dimensions with a mini worktop bench on top. Still portable and very functional. Essentially they are the same setup, however, with a worktop bench on top, you may find further capability depending on your nature of work to utilize the worktop bench. 

Electricians love these!

The First Aid RolaCase Kit – Valid Australia Wide:

Our RolaCase First Aid Kits are suitable for every state and territory within Australia. We have combined the needs of tool organization and converted them into the most organized first aid kits for your workday! These first aid kits meet or exceed state or territory, prescribed regulations/codes of practice for workplaces.

However, RolaCase recommends that each workplace should conduct a risk and hazard assessment and consult with their employees to properly assess their specific first aid and O H&S requirements.

 First Aid Kit Components all Include;

  • Corrosion proof
  • The lid opens 180 degrees
  • Sturdy locking system
  • Divided goods will not interchange when shaken
  • Unique lid design keeps storage locked in place
  • Various configurations
  • Movable handle

Find out specifically what is in the First Aid Kits now;

The RolaCase – Where it all began! - RolaCase

Advantages of Storage Organisation in your Van or Canopy:

  • Improves the storage capacity of your van – having your tools stowed away gives you extra space in your van for larger equipment.
  • Improves the ease of access and ability to organize your tools
  • Helps you have a bit of extra security for your tools and equipment – the RolaCases clip shut.
  • Convenient and customizable – our RolaCases/cabinet kits come in many different, configurations
  • Combining your RolaCases and turning them into a cabinet kit will add extra durability in terms of keeping them neat, organized, and stowed away in your van.
  • The lockable latches of the frame or cabinet kit will stop the RolaCases from sliding out – keeping them secure at all times. Simply remove and go around on site all day with your RolaCase in hand.

Check out our canopy shelving article here

The RolaCases are a great option to keep your tools and your sanity in check! Start getting organized today!

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