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Rolacase & Rolashelf Van Shelving was born in 1982 in Sydney, Australia. The idea of the Rolacase was first conceived with an electrician trying to figure out how he could be more organized with his cases and van shelving.

Over the years it has expanded into van shelving and cases alike – serving the local tradesman to the larger commercial trade entities across Australia.

Now, Rolacase has reached global recognition in North America, South East Asia, Europe, and New Zealand. Rolacase is the “go-to” for all things domestic and commercial, for vehicle van shelving and trade organization. With items such as contractor-grade shelving, drawers, cabinets, flooring, and accessories, Rolacase is an absolute must-have for the dedicated tradesman of the future!

Combining this with 38 years of experience in the vehicle and trade industry, Rolacase is proud to be considered an industry leader in Australia, and now even in the USA.

With our focus on helping both large and small businesses alike – nationwide and internationally – for many decades to become more functional and efficient, let us show you the range of van shelving, cases, cabinet kits, and other products we have to offer you.

The Van Shelving Experts - van shelving

The Van Shelving Product Range

Over the years Rolacase has grown from the humble relocate to a tradesman/workman kit variety that extends for all things tradie! We’re now even fleet capable and dealership-trusted with our flooring and shelving products! You’re small to medium business will feel the functionality benefits of Rolacase and Rolashelf products.

The Rolacase – Where it all began!

The most versatile tool organizer system in Australia! Conceptualized back in 1982 to grow the range we have today.


With a removable handle, 20 adjustable compartments – modify it to your needs.

✔       Comes with 6 x RCPLD dividers

✔       Corrosion proof

✔       Portable – take it around on-site as required

✔       The lid opens 180 degrees

✔       Various colors – get it in blue, charcoal, or with clear lids

✔       Sturdy locking system

✔       Divided goods will not interchange when shaken

✔       Unique lid design keeps storage locked in place

The Benefits:

✔      Organization – organize your tools in one place.

✔      Cost-Efficient – the ability to organize gives you the peace of mind that you will be able to keep an eye on your current state of stock inventory.

✔      Portable – take on-site as required, with an ergonomic handle and clasp lock, your goods will be secure.

✔      As the goods are divided – they always remain separate- no more digging around to find that one screw you need – it now has its own section.

All tradies love these!

The Cabinet and Frame Kits:

Keep your equipment secure and organized. Become more cost-efficient with your inventory by keeping your stock in order!

✔      Can be joined vertically and or horizontally

✔      The Cabinet Kits grow with your needs –shelves can be added for maximum space

✔      Compatible with the 4 and 8 series Van Shelving

If you are looking for an alternate option – the frame kit will give you the same dimensions with a mini worktop bench on top. Still portable and very functional. Essentially they are the same setup, however with a worktop bench on top you may find further capability depending on your nature of work to utilize the worktop bench. 

Electricians love these!

van shelving

Metal Drawer Kits

The secure and durable solution for your organization’s needs.

These metal drawer kits are Australian-made, manufactured, and designed. The beauty of this kit option is, being metal it provides a longer-lasting and durable solution for your business, saving you money over time. Take a look at these advantages below:

✔      Environmentally friendly – The production process of our metal drawers involves carefully rolled out steel to form the cabinetry, with minimal surface spraying. It avoids the pollution problem from the beginning to the end. It can be said to be very environmentally friendly. It will not be used like other materials for long-term use.

✔      Higher cost efficiency – The metal drawer option gives you a durable solution that is long-lasting and with no need for replacement.

✔      Secure – All of our metal drawers are lockable, with an easy twist unlock solution for your convenience. You can rest assured that your tools and equipment will be safe in one place. What’s more, the secure locking system and sturdy frame make it rattle-free. No more noise in the back of your van.

All tradies love this option!

Key Specifications:

Each Metal Drawer Kit comes with a feet kit to help you lock your cabinet kit into place in your vehicle. These Metal Drawer Kits fit into any of the series kits from a 4 series to 12 series – to suit any budget or need! The lockable metal drawers stay firmly in place as you travel, rattle-free. To go from site to site with ease!

✔      Joined horizontally or vertically

✔      Grows with your needs – add on a shelf as you need it

✔      Compatible with all Rolacase/Rolashelf products

Van Shelving – Where it all comes together!

We are the cargo management experts here at Rolacase. No job is too small or too out of reach for your requirements.

The current van models we do:

✔      Toyota Hiace

✔      Renault Master

✔      Renault Kangoo

✔      Renault Trafic

✔      Ford Transit

✔      Iveco Daily

✔      Hyundai I load

✔      Mitsubishi Express

✔      Volkswagen Caddy

✔      Volkswagen Crafter

✔      Mercedes Sprinter

✔      Mercedes Vito

✔      LDV

✔      Service Truck & Canopies

From simple Van Shelving kits to the Workman’s kit – we have the van racking system to suit any vehicle, work type, and budget.

As our founder is an electrician, we have a unique and functional perspective when it comes to every single one of our products. Understanding the importance of what you need for your specific work type is very important to us at Rolacase – we are always trying to find new ways of being more practical and efficient in our design process, to pass the benefits onto you.

Packages vary from vehicle model but here is a list of the key packages when looking for specific Workman’s kits below:

✔      Electrical

✔      Locksmith

✔      HVAC

✔      Service Telecommunications

✔      Plumbers

The Van Shelving Experts - van shelving

These packages are all designed to last and are Australian-made.

Though we have predesigned workman’s packages – everyone has the personalized touches that they want- and we are happy to make it happen for you.

✔      Australian made

✔      Customizable & reliable

✔      Adjustable & durable

✔      Designed to last

Heavy Duty Van Shelving Kits – these standard kits are great if you are after the predesigned fit and need a quick cargo management solution.

*Most vehicle models for van shelving and flooring we focus on are from 2005+, please check with us and provide us with your exact model and we will be able to match up your van shelving with what you need.

We are always looking to expand our model range, with our US team experimenting with USA models, we are open to doing custom fit-outs. Just send us a request

Sliding Platforms – Intelligent Mobility

Our sliding platforms are the ultimate way to maximize your load capacity.  Get instant access to tools and equipment easily without having to crawl in and out of your vehicle. These are ideal for any van or ute canopy.

We can do single or double platforms to suit your needs.


✔      Mounting brackets

✔      Powder-coated steel

✔      Side rails and tie-down points

✔      Locking mechanisms – up to 7 positions

✔      Can be fitted to the side or rear door opening

✔      Wide handle with one-handed locking mechanism

✔      100% extendable

✔      Easy install – or we can do the install for you with us or our install partners

The Van Shelving Experts - van shelving

Van Flooring

We’re the Australian van flooring experts. Having expert engineers on-site gives us the industry edge in ensuring quality control over each flooring order. There is always a solution for your flooring options at RolaCase.

Is your existing flooring needing a revamp? Does your new van need flooring?

We have a range of flooring options available – CNC Cut for your convenience;

✔      Marine-grade carpet

✔      Plywood

✔      Phenolic Hexa

✔      Rubber

DIY or installation is available at RolaCase HQ or our install partners across Australia!

Our made-to-measure CNC cut flooring protects your van from your everyday workday messes. Suiting almost all vehicle van models. We have nationwide delivery available or we can install the floor for you, with one of our install partners across Australia. What’s more, if you get a van shelving package combined with a floor, we can pre-drill the holes for your van shelving so it cuts the install time in half.

Features of our van flooring at Rolacase:

  • Plywood: Our marine grade 12mm plywood is 12mm thick and is the most cost-effective option and provides a sturdy option. This is a great option for a shelving package.
  • Phenolic Hexa: This is the most premium option in terms of the flooring options. It is water, heat, and oil-resistant and provides the best long-term durability and coverage for your van floor. The material is bonded over plywood to create the textured surface to get that resistant exterior.
  • Rubber: CNC Cut for your specific vehicle model, our rubber mats are a dealership favourite across Australia. Ute tray compatible and easy to install. Our rubber mats are waterproof, anti-slip, impact, and sound resistant. As well as; heat, oil, and UV resistant – it is the most convenient option in terms of a flooring solution for your utility tray or van.
  • Carpet Flooring: Marine Grade Carpet comes in a 7mm thick option and is a light grey. This is easy to maintain option, with no holes or bumps for screws to get lost in the flooring. Key features in the carpet option are; durability, anti-static, and UV stabilized. This is an easy-to-clean, quick-drying option and can be easily molded up and over fixtures.

Rolacase Specialised Manufacturing

Our world-class production facility brings to life all of our Rolacase products in Somersby, NSW. Rolacase has one of the largest vehicle storage and mobile storage plants in Australia. We operate with a lean manufacturing perspective and have forward-thinking operational management processes in place. This ensures quality control, environmental management, and health and safety within the plant day to day operations at all times.

Key features of our manufacturing plant include:

  • State of the Art Weld
  • A 3D Design Centre
  • Assembly Shops

Rolacase Specialised Service

  1. Installation: Van Shelving and Flooring

Cut out the issue of installation and get your van shelving or flooring orders installed with us at the warehouse an hour North of Sydney or with our install partners across Australia. Servicing a national delivery network – we can deliver your van shelving package or flooring orders to our distributors and organize an installation for you. Our in-house install option at HQ. Located an hour north of Sydney – we are easy to access off the freeway. Our engineering and installation team combined make for a great result for any van shelving package or flooring installation a breeze.

Check out some of the installation types here:

  1. Engineering Capabilities & Customer Service

We pride ourselves here at Rolacase in providing you with the best engineering and customer service team. We want to create new products and give you the best assistance to design and fit you the greatest shelving option for your vehicle. We will always be innovative in our approach without compromising quality.

With over 40 years in the industry, it gives us great insight into our customers and the market. We are always striving to be better and give you the best Australian-made products we can offer.

Check out our Installation Videos here



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