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RolaCase is growing, with us now getting more and more recognized with our van storage systems @RolaCase.

Your van shelving desires really can come true with RolaCase. Whether it is an electrician or plumber package –  or a customized solution – we have the right van storage system for you to get up and running!

Yes – this includes canopies too!

So Why Even Consider a Van Storage System with RolaCase?

RolaCase has been around since the 1980’s we know what you need.

Our founder is an electrician and knows the daily struggles and tasks that tradesmen undertake.

For example; have you ever seen a tradie van pull up on the site (or it might even be yours) and it looks like the business has exploded everywhere? Not only does this give you anxiety, but; how on earth are you going to find that one drill bit you’re missing?!

If you are talking to a potential client, and they see the inside of this disorganized van; this could be a turn-off to them. If you don’t look organized – some may think how are they going do the job properly?

Considering a van storage system with RolaCase for your van or canopy, will relieve the daily stresses on the organization making you more cost-efficient, and let’s face it – it looks good!

Installing shelves is a great way to start planning your van shelving fit-out. Getting those tools off the floor leaves a safe and tidy mobile workstation inside of your van. Being able to find and access your tools in an organized manner is a great time saver! 

From open shelving to drawer systems and bins – RolaCase has the right van storage system for you to suit your van!

Van Storage Systems
LDV Van Racking

Benefits of Commercial Van Storage Systems for Your Business

When considering van shelving for your commercial fleet, RolaCase has the experience of over 40 years in the industry passing on the knowledge of shelving systems to you. We want you to maximize your efficiency as much as possible in your day-to-day tasks.

Here are some benefits of having a Van Storage System;

  • An organized van storage system can improve your efficiency and productivity. By getting more done more quickly, thereby increase your profits.
  • Having your tools and equipment in their designated spots, you’ll have more space to work with by having better a van storage system.
  • Your van will look more professional. Overall this is better for business. Potential customers will see your van open from time to time if they are passing by on site you working on. So you want your van to be neat and organized at all times.
  • Being unorganized can be unsafe. By having your equipment neatly stowed away and secure, it will make the van safer overall. On the road and the job. Lockable solutions in our Metal Drawer systems are a great idea for this. All of our metal drawers lock and are rattle-free. 
  • Knowing exactly where everything is kept in your van will allow you to keep a more accurate inventory – saving you money over time
Van Storage Systems
Van Storage Example

Custom Van Storage Systems @ RolaCase

We have various van storage systems to suit many different styles of tradies. There sometimes is no ‘one size fits all approach. At RolaCase we work with you to get the right custom shelving for your van storage system. Everyone has a different workflow of how they start and finish a job. We take this into account for you. For example; you may not like certain items such as the cable drum holder being on the driver side of the vehicle, you may prefer it on the passenger side, depending on the vehicle model, this can be done. Heavier tools should be kept at a safe height, for example, our heavy-duty shelving can account for a lot of weight – so you can place these items at a safe height for easy access.

Types of Van Storage Systems to Consider

Metal Drawer Configurations

The metal drawer systems that RolaCase has designed and manufactured here in Australia are a fantastic way to keep your goods; safe, secure, and rattle-free. The best thing about our designs is that they grow with your needs. Do you need to add a drawer on top? That’s fine – we can do that! You can find our metal drawer systems in the HVAC, Locksmith & Deluxe Package.

Cabinet Kit Configurations

If you are a ‘grab and go’ type of worker, the cabinet kits are a great addition to shelving as you can configure these with different types of RolaCases and take them with you on-site as you work. These are common in our Electrical Packages, however, they are across the packages.

Basic Shelving

If you are an all-rounder tradie, a basic shelving package may be your answer to your van storage system. Having the option’s of going down the driver’s or passenger side, or both – simple shelving will keep your van neat and tidy for the workday. Many all-rounders choose this option. This can be found across the range.

Van Storage Systems
Canopy Fit-Out

Things to Consider for Your Van Storage Systems

Every RolaCase van shelving system has little storage hacks that we provide or recommend to you. See the list below;

  • First Aid Kits – You can add these into your cabinet kit configurations into your van storage system, by putting them off the shelving system. Whatever makes it easier for you  
  • Hooks – These are ideal for hanging your tool belt – or any hanging tools that you leave on there for your mobile workstation to be more functional.
  • Case Holders – These are great for encasing the first aid kits and can be fixed on the end panels for ease of use.

Flooring Options with your Van Storage Systems

With all van shelving packages, we recommend a floor – why? Particularly with DIY if you are installing the shelving yourself – we predrill the holes to match the package. This will make it easier to install the shelving and the install time in half.

We have four key different types of flooring;

  1. Rubber – 5mm Big Rib Rubber – ideal for that extra grip.
  2. Carpet – Marine Grade Carpet – Provides a neat finish.
  3. Plywood – 12 mm Furniture Grade Plywood – The most cost-efficient form of flooring.
  4. Phenolic Hexa – This is a Plywood Floor with a Laminate Resin on top. This is a more premium type of flooring. This provides heat, acid, oil, and water resistance – suitable if you are working with chemicals.

For more information on what type of flooring suits you, click here

Bring your Van Storage System to the next level.

At RolaCase we can help you get the best out of the van storage system, as you can see there are many great van shelving options available. We supply contractor-grade van shelving, drawers, cabinets, and much more.

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