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The Ford Transit SWB is a trusted choice among businesses and tradespeople, known for its reliability and versatility. To maximise this vehicle’s potential, you can count on RolaCase’s Ford Transit Custom SWB fitouts, a tailored solution to enhance your unit’s functionality. Our fitouts are designed to meet the specific needs of various industries, transforming your Ford Transit SWB into a more efficient, organised, and productive workspace.

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Enhanced organisation with Ford SWB transit custom racking

Proper shelving and racking are vital in transforming your vehicle into an efficient workspace, and with SWB Ford Transit Custom shelving, you can achieve just that. Our custom racking solutions for the Ford SWB Transit Custom will utilise every inch of available space. This thoughtful organisation turns your van into a streamlined, productive area where tools and equipment are neatly arranged and easily accessible, enhancing work efficiency in daily operations.

Personalised solutions for you

Our Ford Transit Custom racking SWB solutions evolve to meet the specific needs of various trades, from electricians to plumbers to delivery services. These custom racking systems are adaptable to a range of equipment and supplies, ensuring that whatever your career, your tools and materials remain organised.

If you own other Ford units, our custom fitouts can also cater Ford Transit LWBs, Ford Transit Double Cabs, and Ford Transit Jumbo.

Ford transit custom SWB fitouts made to last

Our Ford Transit Custom SWB fitouts are built to last, with sturdy construction and materials that withstand the daily demands of a working vehicle. These professional fitouts enhance your van’s functionality and reflect positively on your business’s image. With a focus on durability and practical design, our fitouts are the perfect accessories to simplify your busy life.

Invest in RolaCase’s SWB ford transit custom shelving today

Experience firsthand the advantages of our Ford Transit Custom SWB fitouts. Enhance your van’s efficiency and professionalism with RolaCase’s custom solutions. We can personalise your fitout plan with our extensive range of shelving options. Reach out to us today and start your vehicle’s transformation.



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