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The Ford Transit Jumbo is a cornerstone in the commercial transport sector, revered for its expansive cargo space and robust build. Our Ford Transit Jumbo fitout can help unlock your unit’s full potential, tailor-made to serve various industries. Our space-saving solutions transform this spacious van into an optimised tool for efficiency and productivity.

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Make our Jumbo Ford Transit shelving package your own

Create personalised Ford Transit Jumbo van shelving with our diverse options. Our custom shelving system can impact your day-to-day operations significantly, streamlining your workflow. Professionals relying on their Ford Transit for business will find enhanced efficiency and accessibility, making every job smoother and more productive with a perfectly organised, bespoke shelving package.

Optimise your space with our Ford Transit Jumbo fitouts

Through our Jumbo Ford Transit shelving package, we’ll expertly improve your vehicle’s space, allowing for an orderly and efficient arrangement of your items. With our strategically placed fitouts, every tool and supply will be within easy access. Experience no disarray with our innovative organisational solutions.

Your very own unique Ford Transit Jumbo van shelving

RolaCase’s shelving solutions for the Ford Transit Jumbo are made from high-quality materials designed to withstand daily wear and tear. We also customise our approach to install the best shelves, enhancing your vehicle’s functionality while maintaining its professional appearance and resilience over time.

If you have other vehicles, we can also personalise your Ford Transit LWBs, Ford Transit SWBs and Ford Transit Double Cabs.

Upgrade your Ford Transit Jumbo with RolaCase

Invest in quality with our durable shelving solutions and upgrade your work vehicle’s functionality. Explore our range of shelving options, each designed to meet the unique demands of your professional life. For more information and to find the perfect fit for your needs, talk to us.



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