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The Renault Master ELWB is the perfect spacious work vehicle. This extended long-wheel-base design has unmatched height and length, leading to more storage space and greater convenience. At RolaCase, we make custom products for Renault ELWB vans, along with the Master SWB, Master MWB, Master LWB, Kangoo Maxi Crew, and Trafic Dual Cab.

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Renault Master ELWB High Roof Advantages

The Renault Master ELWB high-roof van offers more storage capacity for big loads, including over-size equipment. This van has capacity for stacked shelving, which means greater storage efficiency and easier access to tools and equipment.

Custom Shelving Solutions

At RolaCase, we offer custom-built shelving and storage solutions for the Master ELWB and other Renault vans. We have configurations for different professions. All Renault Master ELWB van shelving can be adapted to suit your business needs.

Organisation and Productivity

Well-structured shelving systems lead to better organisation and productivity. You will enjoy easier access to tools and materials, which makes life more convenient and productive. Our storage systems are ideal for commercial and industrial applications.

Durability and Construction

At RolaCase, our Renault Master ELWB shelving is made to last. All products are designed by engineers and made with advanced materials for the ultimate in durability. Our robust shelving systems can withstand heavy loads and daily professional use.


What are the unique features of the Renault Master ELWB for commercial use?

The Renault Master ELWB offers more space than the competition. With anti-lock brakes, power steering, and user-friendly barn doors, it provides accessibility on the job and safety on the road.

How do high roof and shelving systems in the ELWB enhance operational efficiency?

The Renault ELWB maximises vertical storage and headspace for the ultimate in convenience. With access to more space, it’s easy to install integrated shelving solutions.

Can the shelving systems be customised for specific industry requirements?

Our shelving systems are made for specific applications, and customisation is always available.

Our Renault Master ELWB shelving is made for work. Please explore our website or reach out to our team.



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