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Renault is famous for its long-wheel-base vehicles. Renault Master van LWB models are popular with many professionals, from delivery drivers and emergency services to building and other trades. At RolaCase, we offer heavy-duty storage and shelving solutions for all Renault vans, including the Master SWB, Master MWB, Master ELWB, Kangoo Maxi Crew, and Trafic Dual Cab.

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Renault Master LWB High Roof Features

The Renault Master LWB is a high-roof model with a number of performance benefits. With extra vertical space and more headroom, it’s much easier to access materials and move around inside the vehicle. A high roof offers more storage without high fuel and maintenance costs.

Shelving Solutions

At RolaCase, our Renault Master LWB van shelving options improve organisation and accessibility. We have various products available, and all solutions can be customised to your industry sector.

Efficiency and Productivity

If you’re looking for efficient vehicle storage, RolaCase has the ideal solution. The right shelving can transform your life, providing easier access to tools and equipment and improving productivity on the job.

Durability and Quality

RolaCase shelving systems are made tough for Australian workers. Our products are designed by leading engineers and manufactured with top-rated materials. Our shelving can withstand the demands of daily professional use.


What makes the Renault Master LWB suitable for professional shelving solutions?

Custom shelving is a popular addition in Renault vehicles due to their quality construction. LWB models are popular with many professions.

How does the high roof model impact storage capacity and organisation?

The Renault Master van LWB model has a high roof, which provides more vertical storage space and additional headroom.

Are the shelving systems customisable to fit specific business needs?

At RolaCase, you can purchase ready-made storage systems for specific applications, including designs for electricians and HVAC professionals.

To learn more about our Renault Master LWB products, please check out our website or contact our team.



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