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Renault Master MWB Van Shelving

Renault produces a number of commercial vans, including medium-wheel-base (MWB) models. These versatile vans are ideal for various professions, including plumbers, electricians, and other tradies. At RolaCase, our products will make your van more functional and easier to manage.

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Advanced Shelving Solutions

We offer various shelving options for the Renault Master MWB. Along with our basic and general packages, you’ll find custom solutions for electricians, technicians, and HVAC professionals. These shelving solutions will maximise storage efficiency and organisation.

Renault Master MWB High Roof Features

The Renault Master MWB is a high-roof model that offers additional storage space and headroom. Vertical space can be utilised more efficiently when you have the right shelving and storage solutions.

Customisation and Adaptability

At RolaCase, we provide customisation solutions for Renault Master MWB vans. Shelving options include complete van shelving, driver side only, and passenger side only. All products can be customised based on industry requirements and individual preferences.

Applications and Benefits

Installing custom shelving in your Renault MWB van offers a wealth of benefits. You can expect a much-improved workflow, with better organisation leading to improved productivity and enhanced safety. Along with Renault Master MWB van shelving, we have options for the Master SWB, Master LWB, Master ELWB, Kangoo Maxi Crew, and Trafic Dual Cab.


How does the shelving for the Renault Master MWB enhance professional workflow?

Shelving solutions from RolaCase make everything easy to access, which makes your working life more productive.

What are the benefits of the high roof feature in terms of storage and space management?

Having a high roof gives you more storage space and headroom, without the fuel and maintenance costs of a larger vehicle.

Can the shelving systems be customised to suit specific business or industry needs?

At RolaCase, we’re dedicated to customisation. All of our shelving and storage products can be tailored to your professional requirements.

Review our fantastic Renault Master MWB shelving range. Explore our website or contact our friendly team.



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