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A Volkswagen transporter’s expansive cargo capacity and versatile configurations make it the ideal partner for tackling even the most demanding tasks. For those that want to take advantage of every inch of space, elevate your Transporter LWB’s functionality with the seamlessly integrated Rola Case Rola Shelf system.

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Features of a VW Transporter LWB

Tailored Functionality: Maximise space with custom shelving solutions designed for your trade. Rola Case offers options to match your industry and needs, from electricians needing dedicated tool storage to carpenters who require spacious cargo for transporting tools and materials. Built to Last: Crafted from high-strength materials, these shelving systems resist wear and tear, ensuring your equipment stays safe and organised.

Flooring Made for Work: Choose from heavy-duty options resistant to spills and dents or slip-resistant surfaces for secure package handling. Each solution seamlessly integrates with your chosen shelving system, creating a cohesive and functional workspace.

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Rola Case has multiple Volkswagen shelvings to choose from:


What benefits do custom Volkswagen TransporterLWB shelving solutions offer?

Custom shelving solutions offer enhanced organisation, space utilisation, and tailored configurations, ensuring professionals benefit from a well-organised and efficient workspace.

How do custom flooring options enhance the functionality of the Transporter LWB?

Volkswagen Transporter LWB custom flooring options enhance functionality by providing tailored protection, ensuring a durable and purposeful interior space that meets the unique dimensions and needs of the vehicle.

Can the shelving and flooring be tailored for specific professional requirements?

Yes, the shelving and flooring solutions for the Transporter LWB can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of a range of professions and industries, ensuring a customised and efficient workspace.



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