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Built for adaptability and efficiency, the Volkswagen Transporter SWB is a favourite for professionals seeking a reliable and versatile vehicle. Whether you’re a tradesperson, outdoor enthusiast, or weekend adventurer, the Transporter SWB seamlessly transforms to fit your needs.

But to maximise its potential, you need smart storage solutions. That’s where Rola Case Rola Shelf comes in.

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Features of VW Transporter SWB

Customisable Storage: Rola Case can transform your Transporter SWB into a mobile workspace. With modular tailored options for plumbers, carpenters, delivery drivers, and more, you can choose from our VW transporter shelvings, drawers, and cabinets designed to fit your vehicle’s layout.

Built to Last: Rola Case shelves are constructed from high-grade steel, making them resistant to dents, scratches and able to support heavy loads. Plus, their powder-coated finish ensures long-lasting durability, no matter what your job throws your way.

Optimised Space: Rola Case can help optimise your VW Transporter SWB to gain more space. From construction to delivery services, Rola Case can keep everything organised in your vehicle, reducing clutter and maximising productivity.

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Rola Case has multiple Volkswagen shelvings packages to choose from:

Ready to transform your VW Transporter SWB into the ultimate workspace? Contact us today to discuss your custom Rola Case shelving needs.


How can custom shelving enhance the functionality of a VW Transporter SWB?

Custom shelving in a VW Transporter SWB can help increase storage space, organise tools to specific professional needs, and improve overall work efficiency by providing a tailored and accessible solution for mobile professionals.

What are the durability features of the VW Transporter shelving solutions?

The VW Transporter shelving solutions boast exceptional durability features, ensuring resilience against daily use, providing a robust and reliable storage solution for professionals.

Can the shelving be customised for specific industry needs?

Yes, the VW Transporter shelving solutions can be customised to meet specific industry needs, offering tailored configurations to accommodate the unique requirements of professions like plumbers and delivery services.



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