How to Upfit your Ford Transit Custom commercial van

If you have come into ownership of a Ford Transit custom van and looking to create a more efficient business, then RolaCase and Rolashelf can provide all the help you need in one place.

The Ford Transit van and the Ford Transit Custom van have been built for business, so if you want a van that’s dedicated to the job, then it’s the perfect partner for you.

So, why not get the most out of your Ford Transit custom van by customising it to work for you with a professional upfit. A van upfit is a van storage system for your vehicle. It provides storage areas for everything you need on the job, making it easy to find your tools and allowing you to be always job ready. However a van upfit isn’t a one size-fits-all product. It should be designed around your needs and trade – Whether you are a plumber, electrician, service tradie or locksmith.

At Rolacase and RolaShelf we can provide an extensive knowledge on what you need for your specific work type and Ford Transit custom van. We also work together with professional engineers and various Ford dealerships to ensure Rolacase products are suitable for your specific vehicle.

How to Upfit your Ford Transit Custom commercial van - Ford Transit Custom

A customized up fit based around your specific needs can provide several benefits to your working environment and business.


  1. Organisation – Having a van storage system can improve your efficiency and productivity. Having all your tools in their dedicated area will save you time on the job and money, thereby increasing your profits.
  2. Safety – Keeping your work vehicle organized also keeps it safe. By having your equipment neatly stowed away and secure, will make your working van safer overall. For example, In the event of a sudden stop, loose or unsecured items could cause accidental incident to yourself or equipment. RolaCase lockable solutions are a great option to help secure your tools on the road and on the job. Our metal drawer systems are secure, durable and rattle free.
  3. Efficiency – The time you spent searching for your tools can delay your job and cost you money and not to mention cause some unneeded frustration. Knowing exactly where everything is kept in your van will boost efficiency and also aid keeping a more accurate inventory.
  4. Professional Image – Your van will look more professional. A tidy, organized van represents professionalism and gives your customer the impression that you are a serious business that will get the work done correctly and on time. Overall this is better for your business.

How to start your upfit

Consider your needs

A van storage system starts with identifying what you need from an upfit. Consider your occupational trade, how you work, jobs you do and locations where your business may take you. Planning your trade upfit and talking to a Rolacase expert, will help you find the right Ford Transit Custom racking to suit your fleet and needs.

Ask yourself questions like the following:

  • What type of jobs do you respond to the most?
  • What type of Ford Transit van model do you have?
  • How much space do you need for your tools or larger equipment?
  • Do you have existing accessories in your van such as cargo barrier? This may affect the space and size of storage that can be installed.
  • Do you require any cargo flooring?
  • Do you need shelving on the driver side, passenger side or both?
  • What accessories do you require t support your needs?

These questions will help guide you and RolaCase when working with to design the perfect van upfit.

How to Upfit your Ford Transit Custom commercial van - Ford Transit Custom

Up-fitting your Ford Transit van with RolaCase and RolaShelf

The sky’s the limit when you’re customising your Ford Transit with Rolacase & RolaShelf. We can provide a range of products such as:

And many more products available all in the one place for your convenience.

Why choose RolaCase and RolaShelf

RolaCase once a pioneer, now one of Australia’s top family owned business leader in the industry. Our core value is to provide superior customer service and high quality products that are backed up by our industry-leading warranty. RolaCase products are also Australian made, engineer tested and manufactured in Australia, since 1982.

It’s easy to get lost in the countless options available for van storage systems when you start planning your new work van interior. With RolaCase our goal is to make our customer’s journey and experience easier by getting to know you and providing you with the best suitable products we offer for your business, because we understand every tradesman has their own unique needs.

How to Upfit your Ford Transit Custom commercial van - Ford Transit Custom

What Ford Transit Model we Up fit

Rolacase Products are designed to fit Ford vehicle model;

  • Ford Transit 350L LWB RWD van
  • Ford Transit 350L LWB FWD van
  • Ford Transit 350E RWD JUMBO van
  • Ford Transit 430E RWD JUMBO van
  • Ford Transit 470E RWD JUMBO van
  • Ford Transit Custom van 340S SWB – Low Roof/ High Roof.
  • Ford Transit Custom van 320S SWB Sport – Low Roof/ High Roof.
  • Ford Transit Custom van 340L LWB – Low Roof/ High Roof.
  • Ford Transit Custom van 320L LWB Sport – Low Roof/ High Roof.
  • Ford Transit Dual Cab

If you are unsure about what can fit your make and model vehicle, check out our vehicle configurator page to find the best ford Transit Custom racking and flooring best suited to your vehicle.

Discover easy to pick RolaCase Trade Packages

All our trade packages can be customised and our experienced engineers can even make suggestions to consist with the layout. The ability to customize and move things around within the specifications is a possibility and we always open to suggestions – so we work with you to get you the best fit out possible!

All our designs include;

  • Customisable driver side front shelving
  • Customisable driver side rear shelving
  • Customisable passenger side rear or front shelving

You can also view our Ford Transit and Ford Transit Custom gallery page for inspirational ideas from previous customers fit outs.

How to Upfit your Ford Transit Custom commercial van - Ford Transit Custom


When you’re ready to purchase your upfit contact RolaCase customer service team on (02) 4340 1444 to help find the best van storage solutions suited to your needs and Ford Transit van.



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