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The Ford Transit Dual Cab is excellent for professionals needing a vehicle that is a passenger carrier and a cargo transporter. Enhance this dual functionality with a Ford Transit Custom double cab fitouts from RolaCase, designed to leverage this versatility for maximum efficiency, transforming your van into a highly adaptable and organised workspace for any professional demand.

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Open up your space with our Double Cab Ford Transit custom shelving

Our Double Cab Ford Transit Custom shelving solutions expertly utilise your vehicle’s space, balancing storage needs with passenger comfort. These custom shelving options accommodate the unique double cab design and take advantage of its potential spaces. We’ll help you build an organised, efficient workspace while maintaining a comfortable passenger area, making every journey productive and seamless for both crew and cargo.

High quality and bespoke Ford Transit Double Cab custom van shelving

Our custom van shelvings for Ford Transit Double Cabs are bespoke creations that can align with various professional needs. These tailored fitouts ensure tools, equipment, and cargo are securely organised and accessible while on the move without compromising passenger space. This blend of security and efficiency in our shelving solutions elevates the functionality of your Ford Transit Double Cab.

Blending durability and aesthetics

We derive our fitouts from robust materials and are built with precision to ensure longevity and a professional appearance. Look sharp with high-quality custom shelving that elevates your business’s brand and service quality. With each custom solution, we showcase a commitment to driving excellence into every aspect of your work environment.

Besides the Ford Transit Dual Cab, we’re also experts in handling the shelving of other Ford vehicles such as Ford Transit LWBs and Ford Transit Jumbo.

Double Cab Ford Transit custom shelving made by professionals

Upgrade your workspace with our custom shelving solutions for the Ford Transit Dual Cab, designed to maximise space efficiency and meet your professional needs. Choose RolaCase for innovative, bespoke fitouts that transform your vehicle. Explore our range and get in touch for a personalised consultation. Let us help you redefine efficiency and organisation in your Ford Transit Dual Cab.



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