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Discover Customisable Van and Ute Drawer Systems in Australia

Rolacase offers a variety of van and ute drawer systems, engineered, tested and manufactured in Australia. Rolacase metal drawer kits are ideal for all commercial vehicles and are designed using quality materials to provide maximum strength and durability. Their modular design means individual drawers can be installed easily, allowing for a quick return to service and minimal disruption.

Optimise Your Vehicle’s Storage With A Heavy Duty Drawer System

Designed around 3 key elements; safety, quality and durability, Rolacase provides a range of van drawer systems, perfect to equip your commercial vehicle. A reliable and secure storage system for your van, Rolacase metal drawer kits provide ease when it comes to loading and unloading items from your vehicle, improving your productivity and efficiency for your business.

The right drawer system can make all the difference, saving time and reducing clutter in your vehicle. Whether you need storage for parts, tools, or even personal items – Rolacase has the perfect drawer solution for your business. Our commercial Metal Drawer kits are available in a range of sizes, and can be fitted into any RolaShelf shelving configuration series from 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12.  Gain full customisation of your vehicle drawer system, with limitless possibilities for expansion, Rolacase products are built to grow with your business and needs.

Rolacase Metal Drawer systems owe their popularity to their high quality and security. Our drawer systems for vans and canopies can be secured and locked in your vehicle, giving you peace of mind that when you’re on site, your tools are safe. As well as being easy to install, Rolacase drawers are built to resist wear, tear and damage, so you can use them time and time again. 

Rolacase drawers are efficient either alone or in combination with a Rolacase trolley, and are available in multiple sizes and configurations allowing you to choose a trolley kit that fits seamlessly into your working environment.


  • I want to transport a variety of tools and equipment – how secure is a Rolacase drawer kit?Made from high-quality galvanised steel, Rolacase drawer kits offer maximum security and reliability for your tools and equipment – so you can transport them safely and securely no matter where you need to go, rattle-free Rolacase Metal Draw kits come with plinth feet, this allows for easy and secure anchoring inside your vehicle.
  • Is any assembly required to build the drawer kits?We know that time is of the essence, so our metal drawer kits come pre-assembled and ready for you to bolt into your vehicle.
  • How much weight can the metal drawer kits hold?Rolacase Metal Drawer Kits are designed to help you transport heavy-duty tools and equipment, and can carry a weight of up to 105Kg, depending on the model and size you opt for.



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