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The Volkswagen Caddy LWB Crew, with its extended cargo space and comfortable seating for a five-person team, is the ideal companion for tradespeople, entrepreneurs, and anyone who needs a vehicle that seamlessly blends functionality and practicality.

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Custom Volkswagen Caddy Cargo Crew Shelving

Rolacase offers a comprehensive range of bespoke shelving options for the Caddy Crew. These customisable solutions go beyond generic storage, allowing you to tailor the layout to fit the unique needs of your industry and profession. The modular nature of the shelves allows for maximum flexibility, while robust cabinets and drawers keep your gear organised and protected.

Volkswagen Caddy Crew Flooring

Protect your Volkswagen Caddy LWB Crew’s interior and enhance its functionality with Rolacase’s custom cargo flooring solutions. These heavy-duty floor coverings are built to withstand daily use, making them ideal for even the most demanding professions. Constructed from resilient materials such as rubber or reinforced plastic, the flooring offers superior resistance to scratches, water spills, and heavy cargo loads.

Maximising Van Utility

You can transform your Volkswagen Caddy LWB Crew into an efficient and professional mobile workspace by combining custom shelving and flooring solutions from Rolacase. Each element is designed to optimise space utilisation, improve accessibility, and safeguard your equipment.

Professional Installation and Fitout Services

Rolacase offers professional installation services to ensure a seamless fit for your custom shelving and flooring. We also provide services for the following:

Our experienced technicians will ensure your van is outfitted perfectly, guaranteeing optimal space utilisation and a secure environment for your cargo.


What makes custom shelving a must-have for the Volkswagen Caddy LWBCrew?

Custom shelving provides crucial organisation, improves the accessibility of tools and equipment, and projects a professional image, all crucial for maximising the Caddy LWB Crew’s potential.

How does the custom cargo flooring enhance the functionality of the VW Caddy LWB Crew?

By offering superior durability, resistance to wear and tear, and easy cleaning, custom cargo flooring protects the van’s interior, maintains its value, and creates a more functional workspace.

Can the shelving and flooring designs be adapted to specific business needs?

Rola Case offers various modular shelving options and various flooring materials, allowing them to tailor the design to your business’s specific needs and preferences.



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