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Equip Your Vehicle With Reliable Storage Drawers

Rolacase van and ute drawers are an accessible and convenient way to maximise your cargo space and store tools and equipment. Engineer designed for large truck bodies, commercial vehicles, and canopy use.

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Made from high-grade materials, Rolacase van and ute drawers are tough enough to withstand the rough conditions of work vehicles but remain easy to clean.  Available in a range of sizes, our vehicle drawers are also compatible with the Rolacase shelving units and can be used together to create a larger storage area.

Van Drawers That You Can Trust – No Matter Where Your Work Takes You

In today’s fast-paced and increasingly mobile world, there’s no time to waste when it comes to safely and securely transporting your valued cargo. That’s why at Rolacase we’ve developed our tough van & ute drawers – a range that offers plenty of space for everything you need to transport, while keeping your work vehicle neat and organised.

Rolacase van and ute drawers are versatile and perfect to use in conjunction with raised flooring, making the most of your vehicle’s cargo space. By adding a drawer unit, you can easily increase your available storage area, and the depth of our drawers allows you to store a variety of miscellaneous items, tools or equipment.

Made from quality and durable materials, they are guaranteed to last and ensure you’ll get the most out of your drawers – saving you money over time. All of our metal drawer systems are lockable, keeping your tools safe in one place everywhere you go.


I have a larger vehicle and a variety of tools to transport – can these drawers be joined together?

Rolacase cabinets can be joined horizontally or vertically to optimise the storage space in your vehicle.

I want a set of sliding ute drawers that will last – what material are Rolacase drawers made of?

Made from solid and durable metal that protects the cargo inside, these van and ute drawers are ideal for transporting work tools and other valuables.

Do I need to assemble a set of Rolacase drawers myself?

At Rolacase, we know the importance of being able to work quickly and efficiently, that’s why we’ve designed a range of vehicle drawers that does just that. Our drawers come pre-assembled and ready to anchor into place, so you can get to doing what’s important – fast.



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