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Mitsubishi Express van is a willing worker with a star reputation to deliver for your business.

At RolaCase and RolaShelf we can provide an extensive knowledge on what you need for your specific work type and vehicle. We also work together with professional engineers and various Mitsubishi Express dealerships to ensure Rolacase products are suitable for your specific vehicle. RolaCase are dedicated to deliver quality service to you and make your life simpler.

Get your business moving by customising you Mitsubishi Express SWB/LWB with RolaCase van storage shelving and cargo accessories.

We can provide a wide range of products such as:


What products will fit my vehicle?

RolaCase Products are designed to fit the following Mitsubishi Express van models:

  • Mitsubishi Express GLX SWB van
  • Mitsubishi Express GLX LWB van

You can also use our vehicle configurator page to find RolaCase products best suited to you, or view our Mitsubishi Express van gallery page for ideas.

Can you fit the driver side only?

All our designs are customisable or we can build from scratch. You can choose to fit either the driver side, passenger side or both.

All our designs include:

  • Customisable driver side front shelving
  • Customisable driver side rear shelving
  • Customisable passenger side rear or front shelving

RolaCase Mitsubishi Express van shelving consists of the following series configuration:

  • Mitsubishi Express SWB Van – 8 + 10 series RolaCase shelving on the driver side and  10 series on the passenger side
  • Mitsubishi Express LWB Van – 8 + 12 series Rolacase Shelving on the driver side and 8, 10 or 12 series on the passenger side.

What trade packages would suit my Mitsubishi Express van vehicle?

This depends on the type of business or service you provide. We have trade packages to suit any need and vehicle model.

Key packages available for Mitsubishi Express include;

Mitsubishi Express SWB

Mitsubishi Express LWB


What information do we require to ensure correct fitment?

For us to ensure the correct fitment of the shelving you will need to provide the following information about your vehicle;

  • Year, make and model
  • Number of sliding doors
  • VIN number
  • A few images of the cargo area flooring
  • Details of any pre-existing flooring, barriers, or accessories

If you are unsure about how to provide this information, Contact our customer service team a call on (02) 4340 1444.

Do you have vehicle installers in my area?

RolaCase have authorised installers and lead technicians that can provide services for van shelving, cargo flooring, cabinet kits and canopy shelving in various locations within Australia. To find the nearest installer to you please click here for our online list of installers or feel free to give us a call on (02) 4340 1444.

Can I install the shelving myself at home?

Absolutely, RolaCase and RolaShelf products are DIY (do it yourself) and we express delivery directly to your location.

Where to buy RolaCase Products?

To find the nearest distributor to you please click here for our online list of distributors or feel free to give us a call on (02) 4340 1444.

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