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RolaCase provides quality solutions for your business or trade.

The most versatile tool organizer system in Australia! RolaCase had been in the van shelving and accessories industry for over 40 years. We are proud to provide a functional and adaptable quality product, ready to be modified to your needs and vehicle. We have various high roof van shelving kits to suit many different styles and trades such as Electrical trade, Locksmith, Service Technician, general trade and more.  

RolaCase pre-designed shelving kits are a great option if you’re looking to take away the stress of choosing a design. We work with you to get the perfect fit, giving you the option to choose from various cargo vehicle lengths such as SWB, LWB, MWB, SLWB and Compact van, as well as different door models and roof heights including LOW, MID and HIGH.

Our high roof van shelving kits are manufactured in Australia and made from quality, durable powder coated galvanized steel. RolaCase High roof van shelving kit products are suitable for your specific vehicle and we also work together with various vehicle dealerships such as Toyota, Ford, LDV, Mercedes, Mitsubishi, Renault Traffic, etc.

We can supply contractor-grade quality van shelving, metal drawers, cabinet kits, part organisers, van flooring, cargo accessories, cargo barrier and much more.

Discover more options to suit your needs and services by viewing our products online.


Can you customise shelving kits to be one side of the van only?

RolaCase van shelving kits are customisable or we can build from scratch. You can choose to fit either the driver side, passenger side or both.

All our pre-designed van shelving kits include:

  • Customisable driver side front van shelving
  • Customisable driver side rear van shelving
  • Customisable passenger side rear or front van shelving


Rolacase have a selection of products and pre-designed trade packages for commercial vehicles so you can choose the best configuration for your vehicle or fleet.

What type of vehicles fit high roof LWB shelving kits?

RolaCase full high roof van shelving kits or mid roof van shelving are suitable for a host of vehicle makes, including:

  • Renault Master MWB
  • Renault Master LWB
  • Renault Master ELWB
  • Ford Transit LWB
  • Ford Transit Jumbo
  • Mercedes Benz Sprinter MWB
  • Mercedes Benz Sprinter LWB
  • Mercedes Benz Sprinter ELWB
  • Volkswagen Crafter MWB
  • Volkswagen Crafter LWB
  • Iveco Daily 35S
  • Iveco Daily 50C
  • Iveco Daily 70C
  • LDV V80 LWB
  • LDV Deliver 9

View our vehicle configurator to find the right shelving and accessories for your vehicle.

 What type of trade shelving kit designs do you have?

Understanding the importance of what you need for your specific work type is very important to us at Rolacase. The following are a selection of trade shelving kits we can provide;

  • Electrical
  • HVAC
  • Service Technician
  • General trade
  • Locksmith

Though we have predesigned tradesman shelving kits, we can also customise our products to your needs and preferences – we work with you to create the best van storage system for you.


Do you provide installation services?

We are happy to offer our DIY packages and we have authorised installers and lead technicians that can provide mobile or installation services for van shelving, cargo flooring, cabinet kits and canopy shelving in various locations across Australia.

View our van fit out page to see a location near you.




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