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Van Flooring in Australia

No upfit solution is complete without quality flooring. Rola-Case Rola-Shelf offers a selection of flooring solutions for your van, to protect your vehicle and keep you and your tools secure while you’re on the job. You can also choose to optimise your vehicle by combining our van flooring options with a shelving package.  Predrilled for your convenience, our flooring range cuts the installation time in half, so you can get back to the things that matter.

Discover our range of van flooring and trim kits, available in major cities across Australia, including Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne, delivered right to your door.

Quality flooring, to keep you safe and on the go

We understand the importance of a well organised space, especially when it comes to handling tools on the go. That’s why Rola-Case Rola-Shelf van flooring is designed for commercial use. We offer a range of professional-grade CNC cut flooring, that is easy to install and Australian Made, to keep your van feeling secure and organised.

Adding a van floor not only brightens your van’s interior, it protects your assets, workforce and cargo goods, ultimately increasing resale value to your van. That’s why our floors are lightweight, climate controlled, and offer a sound deadening advantage, to keep you comfortable while you’re on the go.

Our selection of cargo flooring is impact and sound resistant and includes traditional 5mm big rib rubber lining, providing an extra grip. For those looking for a more resistant solution, we are pleased to offer our 12mm Phenolic Hexa, an environmentally friendly, water, oil and acid resistant solution. For a more robust option, our marine grade flooring includes a 7mm carpet and a 12mm plywood, both cost efficient solutions when combined with our van shelving. 

Complete your vehicle’s upfit with a powder coated trim kit. An excellent solution to reinforce your flooring’s insulation properties, the smooth finishing also reduces any trip hazards along the edge of your van floor’s lining.

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For additional storage solutions, our range of raised floor systems is designed to help you optimise your vehicle’s storage capacity.

Discover why our van flooring is trusted by dealerships all across the country.



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