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Sliding Platforms for Utes and Vans

Increase your vehicle’s loadability with Rola-Shelf’s range of sliding platforms. Specifically intended for vans and ute canopies, our ute slides have been designed, tested and manufactured in Australia to provide you with the very best loading solution for your vehicle. With 4 different types of pull out lengths and load ratings available, from 1355mm to 530mm, our platforms are suitable for canopies and vans alike, handling the biggest loads with ease.

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Ute slide trays allow you to gain instant and easy access to the contents of your vehicle, without dislodging any internal storage or items. Sliding platforms help you avoid having to crawl in and out of your vehicle, preventing workplace injuries by allowing easier access to your cargo area.  Engineered to facilitate kerbside loading and unloading, they are ideal for utes, vans, and other commercial vehicles.

We offer a range of sliding platforms, including single, double, and shelved platforms. Available in a variety of dimensions, our selection has been designed for easy installation into any commercial vehicle in order to give you the best and easiest access to your tools.

Discover our selection of ute slides online now, or browse our catalogue for a range of adaptable storage options, designed to fit a wide variety of commercial vehicles.


What are the sliding platforms made from?

Rola-Shelf’s sliding platforms are Australian made and comprised of  high quality powder coated-steel, to ensure the safety of your existing equipment and resistance to everyday wear and tear.

How secure are the sliding platforms?

Easy to install and equipped with mounting brackets, side rails, and tie-down points, our sliding platforms are also designed to lock in up to seven different positions and easily mount to any solid flat surface. Our double sliding platforms are additionally fitted with wide handles and a practical one-handed locking mechanism, to help you stay safe – even when your hands are full!

Are there any accessories that can be added onto a sliding platform?

Rola-Shelf’s double sliding platforms can also be fitted with ratchet straps and skid-resistant rubber mats, to enhance the security and safe-keeping of your tools. Additionally, discover our range of Rolacases, parts organisers, drawers, metal drawers and cabinets; easy to use in conjunction with our sliding platforms, these offer a mobile storage solution to keep your tools organised and readily accessible.



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