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Volkswagen Caddy Shelving

The Volkswagen Caddy is a versatile panel van and leisure vehicle that’s been made since 1980. The compact nature of this design has made it popular with professionals, especially tradies and business owners. At RolaCase, our custom shelving will unlock the true potential of your vehicle.

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Advanced Shelving Solutions

Operating a commercial vehicle requires organisation. Our tailored Volkswagen Caddy shelving improves the functionality of this iconic panel van, leading to greater efficiency and productivity. We have various customisation options available based on specific industry needs.

Volkswagen Caddy Racking Systems

At RolaCase, we have versatile racking systems designed for the Volkswagen Caddy. You can choose a full vehicle solution, along with driver-side and passenger-side designs. Our durable Volkswagen Caddy racking delivers practical benefits for daily use, improving the utility and longevity of your vehicle.

Professional Fit-Outs for Efficiency

A professional fit-out will make your Volkswagen Caddy more efficient and productive. RolaCase fit-outs are tailored to specific industry sectors, allowing you to satisfy business requirements. We deal with all popular Volkswagen models, including the Transporter SWB and LWB, and the Caddy SWB, Maxi, and Maxi Crew models.


What makes the custom shelving for Volkswagen Caddy unique?

With custom Volkswagen Caddy shelving, you can create the perfect working environment. Lots of features can be customised, including shelving configurations, flooring materials, and optional extras.

How do durable racking systems benefit Volkswagen Caddy owners?

Our commercial racking systems are designed for tough working conditions. We use quality materials and advanced construction techniques to maximise performance and longevity.

Can the shelving and racking be tailored to specific industry needs?

If you use your Volkswagen Caddy for work, you need shelving and racking that meets your specific needs. RolaCase products can be tailored to specific industries and professions.

We specialise in Volkswagen Caddy shelving and racking systems. Please browse our website or reach out to our team.



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