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Customisable Fitout, Shelves and Racks System Kits for Volkswagen Caddy

Introduce your Volkswagen to Rolacase AU’s tailored range of fitouts, racking, and shelving solutions. Optimise your vehicle’s interior and turn it into an organised, efficient workspace that suits your needs.

Redefine your Volkswagen journey with Rolacase AU’s bespoke fitouts

Transform your Volkswagen journey with Rolacase AU’s bespoke fitouts. For the Volkswagen Crafter owner, whether it’s the spacious LWB or the compact MWB, our custom racking solutions integrate seamlessly into your vehicle, enhancing space and functionality. If you own a Volkswagen Caddy, we also offer tailored fitouts that unlock its potential, transitioning from a vehicle to a mobile productivity hub. From the roomy Caddy Maxi Crew to the flexible Caddy Maxi and the compact Caddy SWB, our shelving systems are designed to redefine your vehicle interiors. If you’re looking to take the versatility of your Volkswagen Transporter to the next level, we’ve got the right solution too! Rely on Rolacase’s fitouts for the Transporter LWB, SWB, or Dual Cab models to turn your vehicle into an efficient, mobile workspace. With Rolacase AU, your Volkswagen isn’t just a car; it’s a game-changer.

Why Choose Rolacase AU for Your Volkswagen Fitout?

Trust Rolacase AU to revolutionise your Volkswagen’s interior. With us, you gain more than just a product; you gain a service that understands your unique needs. Our custom Volkswagen shelving and racking for VW offer meticulous design, quality, and durability. Settle for nothing but the best with Rolacase AU!

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