Van Flooring – RolaCase is the Expert

Looking for van flooring? Look no further. RolaCase is the go-to van flooring specialist for your vehicle. 

Whether you are a domestic tradesman, converting your van into a camper, or organizing van flooring for a commercial fleet of vehicles we can provide the right flooring to suit your needs. 

We have four key options when it comes to van flooring! 

  1. Big Rib Rubber
  2. Marine Grade Plywood
  3. Phenolic Hexa
  4. Marine Grade Carpet 
Van Flooring - RolaCase is the Expert - van flooring

Your vehicle’s flooring can wear over time with the loading, storage, and unloading of cargo. Our flooring is easy to install yourself or you can get your van flooring installed by us at RolaCase or with one of our install partners across Australia.

All our flooring is computer-cut and made to order – to ensure the exact measurements to suit your vehicle types. These are the current vehicles we have available in our van flooring range; 

  • Toyota Hiace
  • Renault Master 
  • Renault Kangoo
  • Renault Trafic
  • Ford Transit
  • Iveco Daily
  • Hyundai I load
  • Hyundai Staria
  • Mitsubishi Express 
  • Volkswagen Caddy
  • Volkswagen Crafter
  • Mercedes Sprinter
  • Mercedes Vito 
  • LDV
  • Service Truck & Canopies 

Safeguard your investment by getting the maximum protection for your van floor. Each option has a range of benefits to suit your requirements. 

Our made-to-measure CNC Cut flooring protects your van from your everyday workday messes. What’s more, if you get a van shelving package combined with a floor – we can pre-drill the holes for your van shelving so it cuts the installation time in half. 

Van Flooring - RolaCase is the Expert - van flooring

The Van Flooring Options at Rolacase 


Our marine-grade plywood is 12mm thick and is the most cost-effective option and provides a sturdy option. This is a great option for a shelving package. Ideal for Electricians

The Benefits:

This is the most efficient van flooring option. It is water-resistant and environmentally friendly.

Phenolic Hexa:

This is the most premium option in terms of the flooring options. The material is bonded over plywood to create the textured surface to get that resistant exterior. Ideal for plumbers and painters

The Benefits:

It is water, heat, and oil-resistant and provides the best long-term durability and coverage for your van floor.


CNC Cut for your specific vehicle model, our rubber mats are a dealership favorite across Australia. Ute tray compatible and easy to install. Ideal for Electricians and builders

The Benefits:

Our rubber mats are waterproof, anti-slip, impact, and sound resistant. As well as; heat, oil and UV resistance – it is the most convenient option in terms of a flooring solution for your utility tray or van. This is ideal if you need more grip on the surface area of the cargo area. 

Carpet Flooring:

Marine Grade Carpet comes in a 7mm thick option and is light grey. This is easy to clean, quick-drying option and can be easily moulded up and over fixtures. Ideal for couriers, audio and Electricians.

The Benefits:

This is an easy-to-maintain option, with no holes or bumps for screws to get lost in the flooring. Key features in the carpet option are durability, anti-static, and UV stabilized.

Van Flooring - RolaCase is the Expert - van flooring

Why Choose Us for your Van Flooring? 

The quality of the product is just the beginning. We provide superior service when it comes to our flooring procedure, leaving no room for error. The van flooring gets delivered straight to your door rolled or in pieces for easy installation. By us qualifying your needs from start to finish we can ensure that you get the product you ask for!

We can do an installation for you in our warehouse in Somersby on the Central Coast of New South Wales. We can also arrange an installation for you with one of our install partners across Australia. 

Why not combine your floor with one of our trade packages for full functionality for your workday?

Manufactured in Australia 

With almost all of our products being sourced from Australia, you enjoy most of our products as Australian-made, designed, and manufactured. This is the case for almost all our flooring options.



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